Would you give yourself permission to playfully engage your creativity?

Over these last few weeks I have been desperately longing for a time to calm my soul and create quietly without disruption! Have you felt that longing recently? Some times is hard to ignore it.

Carving time out of our packed schedules can be difficult but so necessary. Engaging our creative soul even if it is in small dosis and at your own pace…that matters. Choosing to say yes to explore playfully you creativity is a beautiful gift to give to yourself.

Why not make a commitment that our 2023 will be a year filled with inspiration, learning, and creativity? There’s no better way to do it than by joining the most supportive and explorative community of mixed-media Adventurers on Wanderlust 2023.

This art journaling online course will provide you with a consistent dose of inspiration and knowledge. Weekly lessons from various experienced Teachers can be your guarantee of the best year of art. Join Wanderlust 23 now and you’ll get instant access to a whole bunch of bonuses which will give you a fabulous taste of what 2023 has in store!

This time, I get to be one of your teachers at Wanderlust 2023- so I am really looking forward to have fun with you as you embark on your creative journey!

Please check out my link https://www.everything-art.com/?affcode=113232_spgnfkwe to learn more and sign up!

Hope to see you in the classroom!

– Jannette –

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