Be Still…

I’ve often thought about the idea being still, as a form of torture, a waste of time. Maybe I am not alone in this. For many of us that are task/goal oriented beings bent towards productivity, being still can feel very foreign and daunting. There is always so much to get done/accomplished or resolved. Why would I want to be still? Yet, creating room in our hearts and bodies to rest, to breathe, to create, to reflect…it can be a life saving choice.

Throughout different seasons in my life when I’ve read the invitation from God, found in Psalm 46: “Be still and know that I am God…” and each time it has challenged me in a different way. Resting, being still can look different to different people and in different seasons. As I created this piece in the midst of processing of all the recent issues (shootings, war, etc) that we face, as well as my own a raging wave of fears, insecurities mixed with sadness, made my heart really heavy and anxious. There it hit me again. How can I be still? How can I find rest in the midst of what feels like a restless world? How can I remained centered?

Well, here’s the reminder for me: I am NOT God. He is. I don’t see the full picture of how things are working out for my good, my growth, my development- all I can see is the raging waves. In it, in the fear, in the worry, in the sadness…I can be still in a proactive way by surrendering my illusion of control, and recognizing that I can only do my part and my best. Personally, I don’t believe God is seeking to control everything in our lives or in the world but rather giving us the freedom to make daily choices in how we live, how we love, and how we respond to other people’s choices. He is with us in the ups and downs as we figure it out together.

That thought of Him being with me in the midst of the raging waves of life while I swim my way through, trusting Him to guide me in wisdom to make choices that are not easy to make but they will bring out the greatest good; that helped me recenter. That helped me be still for a moment and catch my breath. Maybe in this season, being still for me is all about letting go of what I can’t control to focus on what is in my power to do so that my part in the bigger picture can be accomplished joyfully. Through these gorgeous layers of texture and paints I was reminded once again that the waves will calm down, and I will be able to appreciate the beauty of the ocean once again…I can chose to be still.

How is your creative process helping you make room for stillness and rest these days?

– Jannette-

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