Block it Out…

Sometimes before I start a new piece, I already have a clear idea of the structure and composition style that I would like to use. Other times, I have no clue- yet I still start working on it and trust my intuition to guide my process.

I’m recently learning that sometimes it’s OK to not know the outcome I want to see in a particular piece. That shouldn’t block me or prevent me from enjoying my creative process. I can still continue working on it and and see which parts I actually like and block out the rest. This is exactly what I had to do here.

This piece is not finished yet but I really love where is going. I had to block out a portion of it and paint over it:) I’m now starting to look at some new possibilities.

Trusting your intuition when creating something new is a great way to find beauty in the middle of the chaos. If you don’t like some of what you see…you can always block it out and keep moving. Before you know it you will find something beautiful and fun to continue to build upon.


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