Framing our Perspective…

It is always fun for me to see my artwork framed. The frame finishes the piece bringing all the details together for me.

One thing I’m realizing is that my life is also like an art piece. It can be display and even look good without a frame , but sometimes my perspective can be out of place and my focal point in the opposite side of where it should be. Then, I realize that I need to frame my perspective. My views on myself, my choices, my circumstances and my realities.

Once all is framed properly, I can see it clearer and better. I can appreciate the beauty and shift my focal point to where it needs to be.

It sounds simple, but it actually takes practice.

Framing our perspective about ourselves and the life we are living is a regular practice, and it helps us stay the course. Is actually very similar to attuning an instrument. The more you practice the more you need to attune, and in time, before you know it, you find yourself playing a beautiful melody. One, that at certain point you weren’t able to play.

Framing perspective, it’s worth the effort.

What parts of your perspective are you being challenged to frame or reframe today?

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