The Heart behind the Art



Thank you for stopping by and I hope that somewhere between these layers of color and texture, you can find some content that inspires you to explore your own creative process. Creativity is a much needed and sacred practice. It is my hope that I spark some of it within your heart.

I am an Afro-Caribbean islander learning to live life in the Midwest for the past 15 years. In this particular season of life I find myself being a full time grad student, being a wife and also a mother of two teeangers.  Yep, you read that right. ( Please send a prayer my way- I need it and all these gray hairs are proof). Lol  This would be a good time to also say that I am also a believer, a woman who is in constant need of receiving  God’s grace, and mercy for everyday life.

Among all of these precious roles and aspects of who I am, I am also a maker; a self-taught mixed media artist. I absolutely love playing with colors and multiple mediums to create layers and layers of texture on any surface I can get my hands on, but that did not happen overnight. Being born and raised in the Dominican Republic added a great layer of passion for color, visual and expressive art and all sorts of creativity.  However, growing in a small town with limited opportunities,  I had to  depend on a great deal of imagination to be able to express myself creatively. Once I discovered how to do that, creativity became a natural practice to me. 

When I discovered Mixed Media, as an adult,  a whole new world of possibilities opened up right in front of me! I can say that along with faith and a few friends; art was able to keep me sane during a very stressful season while adjusting to a new culture. With each layer of paint I started rediscovering myself all over again.  Reason why, one of the joys of my heart is to provide a space where people can gather and enjoy a sacred time of connection, as they embark in the adventure of exploring their personal creative process. I do this by facilitating creative play groups at various events, retreats and women gatherings. I love when people share with  me that my work and my creative play groups has inspired them to reconnect with their creative heart. I am so grateful that I get to play a small part in their healing and their creative journey.

I have had the incredible opportunity to have my work featured on several magazines. I am also a maker for Tim Holtz and every once in awhile I get to teach in different online platforms as well.

 Very grateful to share in this space with you and I hope you enjoy it.

Jannette Simmons